Leadership and Team Development

Adventure Training Designed to Drive Results

Jump start your team with a professionally facilitated, fully-guided, customized and exciting Leadership and Team Development Adventure. Whether you’re looking to drive results and improve your team’s processes or want a memorable company outing, EMPOWER Leadership Adventure Center is where you’ll find it. EMPOWER’s corporate teambuilding activities are designed specifically for your group and can help your team reach new heights on the way to realizing its maximum potential! EMPOWER team building adventures focus on increasing team success by:

  • Strengthening relationships and sense of trust between teammates
  • Opening lines of communication
  • Improving team processes
  • Fostering a “results-driven” mentality

EMPOWER Leadership and Team Development Adventure experiences are designed to motivate your team to push its limits. Empowering the team to take on new challenges both on the course and in the workplace. EMPOWER Leadership’s corporate teambuilding activities are perfect for corporations, office groups, teacher professional development, intern training programs, new staff training, and more.

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EMPOWER Aerial Team Building Adventures

  • “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!” – Henry Ford
  • Fully-guided experiences integrating valuable team development lessons into thrilling tree-top adventures
  • EMPOWER’s Zip Line Canopy Adventure, Rappelling, Team Climbing Challenges, and Team High Ropes Challenges
  • Improve self-coaching skills and raise individual performance to new heights
  • Fantastic opportunity for team members to bond and increase esprit de corps
  • Strengthen team support systems – the Whole is always greater than the Part!

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EMPOWER Ground Based Team Development

  • Success is a product of trusting relationships, open lines of communication, sound processes, and the desire to drive results
  • Cooperative corporate teambuilding activities facilitated by an EMPOWER team development specialist
  • EMPOWER’s Team Building Scavenger Hunt, Cooperative Problem Solving Initiatives, Fire Building and Survival Challenges, and more!
  • High Reward/Low Risk: fine tune your team’s performance and drive results without “real-world” ramifications
  • Each challenge includes a critical information briefing, in-the-moment feedback, and post-challenge debriefing session; all designed to foster transfer of skills to their real-world application
  • Leverages tangible adventure experiences leading to specific feedback on team performance, thought-provoking conversation amongst participants, and high levels of skill transfer

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EMPOWER Competitive Team Development

  • “Forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will.” – Unknown
  • Some teams must strive for AND achieve success in fast-paced environments under high levels of stress
  • EMPOWER’s Leadership Obstacle Course, Zip/Hunt/Climb Team Challenge, Competitive Problem Solving Challenges, Timed Adventure Challenges (think “Minute to Win It”) and more!
  • Each challenge includes a critical information briefing, in-the-moment facilitator feedback, and a post-challenge debriefing session; all designed to foster transfer of skills to their real-world application
  • Successful teams will develop a clear plan of action, define and delegate individual roles, communicate clearly and efficiently, and constantly evaluate their process and make the necessary adjustments
  • Perfect for teams who must perform in stressful, fast-paced environments

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EMPOWER Timeout for Teamwork and Off-Site Adventures

  • Bring an EMPOWERing Adventure to your hotel meeting space or office conference room
  • Pre-program meeting to set outcomes for your corporate teambuilding activities
  • Increase levels of Team Success by strengthening relationships, opening lines of communication, improving team processes, and fostering a results-driven mentality
  • EMPOWER Cooperative/Relationship Development Initiatives, Competitive Team Challenges, and more!
  • Current EMPOWER Hotel/Conference Partners:
  • The Inn at Middletown – contact Katelin LaChance at (860) 854-6312
  • The Sheraton Hartford South – contact Kenneth Gribbon at (860) 257-6049
  • The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station – contact Elizabeth Carl at (860) 345-4100 x 204

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EMPOWER Team Assessment Survey

  • A confidential pre- and post-event survey administered digitally by your EMPOWER team development specialist
  • Evaluates qualities of your team, including communication, trust, meetings management, and more
  • Allows for a great understanding of each team member’s views on your team’s strengths and challenges – leading to programming designed to maximize your strengths and improve your challenges
  • Results are integrated into the design and execution of your team development program
  • Post-event survey administered 4-6 months after EMPOWER program and will include follow up results presentation

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EMPOWER Adventure Outings

  • Everybody’s workin’ for the weekend!
  • Celebrate team successes, let loose, and get ready for memorable adventure fun
  • Fully-guided adventures with a fun and recreational approach
  • Choose from any of the EMPOWER adventures
  • Lunch/dinner packages available

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EMPOWER The Art of Working Together

  • Unique and highly interactive presentation
  • Uses magic, illusions, self-empowerment techniques, skits and group exercises
  • Illustrates problem solving techniques
  • Demonstrates differences between collectivism versus individualism

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