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Sports Leadership Training Adventures

Maximize individual and team performance and get your A-game on with EMPOWER Leadership Adventure Center’s Leadership training program. Leadership, accountability, and character are the foundations of any successful athletic team and EMPOWER is a team’s premiere resource for leadership and character development, individual and team accountability, grit and toughness, and mental focus training. Derived from founder Joe DeRing’s “real-world” leadership training as an Army Captain and Army Ranger, and the EMPOWER Sports Leadership team’s experience as high school and college athletes and coaches, EMPOWER Sports Leadership Training, focuses on training athletes and teams to:

      • Self-coach through internal and external challenges and stress
      • Develop systems of individual and team accountability
      • Motivate teammates to achieve great successes
      • Communicate effectively and efficiently
      • Perform individual roles with desire and passion
      • Develop a “no nonsense” attitude towards preparation and competition

EMPOWER’s Sports Leadership Training Adventures are developed specifically for your team and are designed to fatigue the athlete’s mind and body. This is how EMPOWER measures and builds trust, focused intensity, communication skills, esprit de corps, and more!

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The Ranger Program

      • A 24-hour experience at EMPOWER including a rustic overnight stay, meals/snacks, and a “platoon competition” program structure
      • Aerial and ground-based adventure challenges with Sports Leadership/Team Development facilitation
      • “Survivor-like” environment; camp and platoon development, team/individual skill assessment, platoon strategy development, and both facilitator and platoon processing sessions
      • The ULTIMATE Sports Leadership Training Program at EMPOWER

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The Foundations Program

      • A 2-4 hour training program comprised of various ground-based adventure challenges
      • May take place at EMPOWER or at your team’s facility
      • Focused on team formation and development

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The Champions Program

      • A 4-8 hour program, at EMPOWER, comprised of elements from the Foundations Program as well as Aerial Leadership Development Challenges and Competitive “application opportunities”
      • Focused on team leadership and accountability development, role clarity and performance, and team skill performance “under duress”

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Elite Sports Leadership – Powered by Parisi Speed School and EMPOWER

      • Designed to provide only the most motivated high school aged athletes an opportunity to develop leadership and team skills
      • Focused on improving training regimen, game-day performance, and reducing chance of injury
      • Self-coaching through internal and external challenges, development of accountability systems, personal and team motivation tactics, effective communication, role performance, and a “no-nonsense” attitude towards training and preparation
      • 10 sessions – 5 at Parisi Speed School and 5 at EMPOWER
      • Fall/Winter Session – Dates TBD
      • Monday Sessions at Parisi Speed School from 700pm-830pm
      • Wednesday Sessions at EMPOWER from 530pm-730pm
      • $299.00 per athlete – includes 9 training sessions, awards ceremony with BBQ meal, participant tee-shirt, 1-month Parisi Speed School membership, 1 complimentary zip line canopy adventure gift
      • For more details contact Dan Jaskot (860-652-5690) or Mike Church (860-402-6667)

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EMPOWER Sports Leadership Clients

      • University of Massachusetts – Women’s Lacrosse
      • Amherst College – Amherst LEADS Team Captain Symposium
      • Smith College – Team Captain Symposium
      • Connecticut College – Women’s Volleyball
      • Xavier High School – Varsity Baseball and Varsity Wrestling
      • Middletown High School – Varsity Baseball
      • Wethersfield High School – Varsity Hockey
      • Southern Connecticut State University – Field Hockey
      • Wolcott High School – Varsity Football
      • Mercy High School – Varsity Basketball
      • and more!

The Coaches Legacy Clinic

      • Free clinic offered to coaches who value intentional leadership and team development training
      • EMPOWER believes coaches have a great opportunity to teach athletes much more than sport specific skills
      • Our vision is to turn the pursuit of athletic achievement into an intentional leadership development experience producing millions of highly effective individuals
      • Designed to help coaches train their athletes to overcome adversity and challenge, create systems of team and individual accountability, implement team and individual goal setting exercises, and develop a positive team culture.
      • Attendees will have the opportunity to take part in EMPOWER’s Leadership Obstacle Course and Zip Line Canopy Adventure

Get your inspiration on! Contact Dan Jaskot at (860) 652-5690 or to reserve your spot.