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Youth Leadership and Character Development

Realize your potential and get your A-game on with EMPOWER Youth Leadership and Character Development Adventures. The benefits of teaching leadership to our youth are immeasurable; boosts of self-confidence, improved self-coaching ability, problem solving skills, and an increased ability and desire to lead! By teaching our youth to lead themselves and others, we are giving them:

  • The self-confidence to stand up and express their opinions
  • The ability to identify positive vs. negative risk
  • The courage to accept and overcome positive risk/challenges while avoiding the negative
  • The empathy and desire to help those who can’t help themselves
  • The tools to fulfill their own POTENTIAL!

EMPOWER Youth Leadership and Character Development Adventures are professionally facilitated and custom-designed for each youth group; taking into consideration your group’s make-up and dynamic, desired program outcomes, and your ideal program duration and budget.

What are you waiting for? Fulfill your potential and get your A-Game on today!

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The Class Trip and Big Day Away at EMPOWER

  • A 4-6 hour program, at EMPOWER, designed for up to 150 participants
  • Variety of adventure options: aerial or ground-based
  • Fun-filled and action-packed adventure experience focused on self-discovery, positive peer support, and leadership and problem solving skill development
  • May include EMPOWER’s Zip Line Canopy Adventure, Team Building Scavenger Hunt, Tree Climb Adventures, Team Building Challenges, Leadership Obstacle Course and more!

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Leadership and Character Development

  • A 3-5 hour program, at EMPOWER, designed for up to 30 participants
  • Hands-on adventure training experiences specifically focused on individual leadership skill development
  • Each participant will have the opportunity to lead team challenges, facilitate planning sessions and receive immediate group feedback
  • EMPOWER provides a physically and socially safe learning environment to promote positive risk taking and foster individual and group development
  • Included individual and group goal setting sessions
  • Valuable life lessons through adventure!

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EMPOWER School/Camp Adventures

  • Bring the EMPOWER A-Game to your school or camp!
  • Ground-based adventure programming designed for up to 250 participants
  • Professionally facilitated programs perfect for the start of your school year or camp season
  • Focused on positive/trusting relationship development and improving problem solving skills
  • Takes place in your gymnasium, field-space or camp facility

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EMPOWER Teen Leadership Challenge

  • Empower your son or daughter to achieve greatness this coming school year!
  • A 3-5 day Leadership Development Adventure Intensive at EMPOWER
  • Boost self-confidence, develop the “problem solver” mentality, and learn to prepare for great successes in school and life during the Teen Leadership Challenge
  • Includes daily programming led by the EMPOWER Teen Leadership Team
  • Includes fully-guided and introductory self-guided adventures
  • A life-changing adventure experiences that will translate to better focus and attention in school, high levels of confidence, and a sense that anything is possible through goals, hard work, determination and team work.

Dates: August 15th-19th, 2016


3 Day Challenge: $299 plus tax

5 Day Challenge: $399 plus tax

Get your leadership on! Call the EMPOWER Office at (860) 638-4754