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Fun places don’t always offer fun jobs. Anyone who has worked at an amusement park could tell you that. At the Empower Leadership Adventure Center adventure park, however, a fun place makes for a fun job. If you love adventure and the outdoors, are outgoing, enjoy interacting with and helping people, and are looking for an exciting and dynamic work environment – then you should consider applying to become an Adventure Guide with Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center!

Operations and Business Development Assistant

Status: Position Filled – Click here for more information about the Operations and Business Development Assistant Position

Adventure Guide

Status: Positions FilledLocation: Middletown, CT Click here for more information about the Empower Adventure Guide Position

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Empower Adventure Guides

Zip lining, climbing and rappelling, adventure obstacle courses, team building challenges, and more! Empower Adventure Guides lead exciting tree top and ground based adventure activities for individuals, groups, and teams – empowering and encouraging people to discover their sense of adventure! It isn’t all easy, though. You will need to have a love for adventure and an ability for leadership. If your leadership skills aren’t as developed as you would like, we can improve that at our adventure park. Depending on the position, you need to be comfortable leading large groups of people, instructing these groups on proper Empower zip line safety and generally taking charge and maintaining some calm during exciting activities.

Our Adventure Park Beliefs

We want people who share our belief and the culture of empowerment we have cultivated at our adventure park. You must be highly motivated, have high integrity, and share our values. We believe that everyone deserves to be empowered, everyone is capable of being a leader, and that we should do what we can to empower everyone. Lastly, we expect all our team members to have a serious passion for not just adventure sports and our adventure park but for empowering people. By becoming a member of our team, you will have the opportunity to build personal and professional skills by:

  • Guiding and facilitating empowering experiences through recreational empower zip line tours and other adventure park adventures
  • Leading groups through experience-based team building programs
  • Learning technical skills of the zip line canopy tour industry
  • Working in an outdoor setting with a diverse clientele

Contact Empower Leadership Adventure Center

We love confident and empowering people, so do not hesitate to contact us after you have submitted your application. We’d love to hear what you think you can bring to the job or why we should hire you. Of course, we’d love to hear more than just that it would be a fun job, but really want to know how you would like to help empower others at our adventure park. Interested candidates should contact the Empower office at (860) 638-4754 or via email at

Empower Adventures Middleburg (VA) & Tampa Bay (FL)

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