Tips for Doing Obstacle Course Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities: Advice for Conquering the Obstacle Course If you are heading to our adventure park to participate in team building activities, then chances are that you are going to encounter the leadership obstacle course. This activity is a fast-paced, exhilarating test for both your physical and mental abilities. The many demands of the […]

EMPOWER’s Top-5 Leadership Soft-Skills for Students

Are you a student looking to take your “student-game” to the next level this coming school year? Or are you a parent hoping to help your child make the most of the non-academic opportunities, in addition to the academic opportunities, present in the daily school environment? “Soft skills” can be defined as personal attributes that […]

Common Myths About Developing Leadership Skills

Misconceptions to Avoid When Developing Leadership Skills Anyone can take the steps to become a leader. However, when doing so, many people have misconceptions that may affect their ability to develop leadership skills. It is important to have the right mentality when leading people so that you may encourage others to practice the same philosophies. […]

Preparing Young Students for Future Leadership

Is leadership an inherited trait or developed skill? Are people born “natural leaders” or does everyone have the potential to become a leader? There’s plenty of research out there regarding this topic, with most researchers believing that individuals can learn to lead. Some researchers have gone as far as estimating that heritability, or family-based genetics, […]

Study Shows Team Building Facilitates Veterans with Acclimating to Civilian Life

Team building programs that require strategic thinking and improvisation re-create the military experience, helping veterans to gain confidence and reintegrate into the civilian world. Empower Adventure explains the difficulties these veterans can have. Middleburg, VA (PRWEB) July 25, 2017 After the shock and horror experienced on the battlefield, many veterans return home with intrusive memories […]

How to Make the Platinum Rule Work for You

War is hell – no two ways about it. However, after eight years in the US Army and 850 days spent in the war-torn sands of the Middle East, I learned and validated a valuable leadership lesson. Since those days in the sand, I have started four companies, hosted hundreds of leadership workshops and found […]

3 Iconic Quotes to Inspire Your Leadership Training

Words to Live By When Beginning Leadership Training A majority of the history’s most important people were—in some shape or form—leaders. From U.S. presidents to business moguls to professional football players, a plethora of inspiration has been left behind from some of the world’s most influential leaders. At EMPOWER Leadership & Adventure Center, we’ve pulled […]

3 Things to Remember When Developing Leadership Skills

  3 Qualities to Apply When Developing Leadership Skills No matter what the situation may be, effective leadership is essential for succeeding in team-based projects. Many people may think they know how to properly lead a group but nevertheless face obstacles when attempting to do so. Developing leadership skills can be an expansive topic to […]

How Your Favorite Team Building Activity Describes You

  Let Your Skills Shine in These Team Building Activities Team building activities come in many different methods and variations, oftentimes requiring a defined sort of skillset for each type. If you have visited EMPOWER Leadership & Adventure Center and tried some of our various programs, then you have likely discovered which events you excel […]

How Team Building Activities Can Form New Friendships

  Fresh Bonds with Peers Through Team Building Activities Breaking the ice with new (or old) coworkers can often be difficult to accomplish, especially when it seems that your personalities may be on the opposite end of the spectrum. Overcoming this barrier into strengthening your workplace chemistry does not have to be hard, however. Putting […]