3 Great Leaders from History and How they can Inspire Leadership Training

Let These Historic Leaders Inspire You to Thrive in Leadership Training When you think of great leaders, probably a few people instantly come to mind. That’s because their leadership skills and how those skills changed the world are able to inspire people. Their stories stand the test of time. Leadership training at EMPOWER Leadership uses […]

85% of Employees Deal with Workplace Conflict

85% of Employees Deal with Workplace Conflict; Empower Adventures Has Solutions OLDSMAR, Fla., Oct. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Non-productive conflict generally takes up an average of 2.1 hours of employee time every week.1 That is more than 100 unproductive work hours per year, which is costing organizations billions.1 Research has also uncovered the fact that 85% of all employees […]

24 Hours with Amherst LEADS

amherstleads – “And that’s a wrap for the 2017 captains symposium. This year was tougher than usual but we couldn’t have asked for a better group of student-athletes to work with. The work ethic, determination and energy was there all weekend long, so proud of this group!” The EMPOWER Sports Leadership Team had the pleasure […]

3 More Iconic Quotes to Inspire Your Leadership Training

More Words to Follow When Going Through Leadership Training Back in June, we showcased some of our favorite quotes about leadership to help inspire you through your leadership training. Everybody loves a few motivational words of wisdom, so at EMPOWER Leadership & Adventure Center, we decided to share three more of our cherished leadership references […]

Study Shows Bullying Combated Through Leadership Development

Intervention of peers may prove to be highly effective in fighting bullying amongst children. The inner strength and confidence gained through leadership programs create strong children who are ready to stand up to bullies; Empower Adventure helps mold those children with the proper confidence.     Bullying is a social epidemic that affects many in […]

Things You’ll Gain from Going on a Zip Line Adventure

Zip Line Adventure Benefits and Takeaways A zip line adventure is more than just an exhilarating recreational activity. Participating in this venture brings many benefits that you may have never expected when planning your visit to our adventure park. You’re sure to go back home a changed person! At EMPOWER Leadership & Adventure Center, we […]

Tips for Doing Obstacle Course Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities: Advice for Conquering the Obstacle Course If you are heading to our adventure park to participate in team building activities, then chances are that you are going to encounter the leadership obstacle course. This activity is a fast-paced, exhilarating test for both your physical and mental abilities. The many demands of the […]

EMPOWER’s Top-5 Leadership Soft-Skills for Students

Are you a student looking to take your “student-game” to the next level this coming school year? Or are you a parent hoping to help your child make the most of the non-academic opportunities, in addition to the academic opportunities, present in the daily school environment? “Soft skills” can be defined as personal attributes that […]

Common Myths About Developing Leadership Skills

Misconceptions to Avoid When Developing Leadership Skills Anyone can take the steps to become a leader. However, when doing so, many people have misconceptions that may affect their ability to develop leadership skills. It is important to have the right mentality when leading people so that you may encourage others to practice the same philosophies. […]

Preparing Young Students for Future Leadership

Is leadership an inherited trait or developed skill? Are people born “natural leaders” or does everyone have the potential to become a leader? There’s plenty of research out there regarding this topic, with most researchers believing that individuals can learn to lead. Some researchers have gone as far as estimating that heritability, or family-based genetics, […]