Team Building with EMPOWER

Empowering individuals and teams through shared adventure experiences that are engaging, positive, customized, and led by professionally trained and experienced leaders. The facilitation of our “positive risk” team building adventures leads to an environment in which individuals, and teams, can safely venture out of their comfort zones and discover the best version of themselves! EMPOWER Team Building Programs focus on creating a foundation of trust through open lines of communication, relationship development/strengthening, and collaborative team processes. Program Core Values include:


  • Inclusive adventure initiatives and activities for all ages, abilities, and comfort levels
  • Building trust and esprit de corps through open/productive communication and a mutual respect for individual’s knowledge, perspective, and ideas


  • Goal Clarity, Role Clarity, Interactions Defined, and Process Defined – a tried and true method of how to work as a team!


  • Self-coaching and self-accountability
  • Collaborate, motivate, and inspire teammates


  • Embracing changes or challenges as opportunities for personal and team growth

EMERGE Team Building

Emerge together, better than ever! The EMERGE Team Building Program brings teammates together through highly-customized adventure initiatives. Using a mix of unique experiential activities focusing on shared goal achievement through role clarity, productive communication, and the development of efficient processes, EMPOWER President Dan Jaskot and the EMPOWER Team Building Facilitators will have your team members getting out of their comfort zones and thinking differently about how they function together. The EMERGE Team Building Program will strengthen bonds and sense of trust between teammates – creating a unified team ready for achievement! Includes Collaborative Ground Based Team Building Initiatives and Competitive Team Building “Application Challenges”.

  • Takes place at EMPOWER, your Office, or a Hotel Conference Space
  • 3 hours in duration
  • $35 to $45 per person


SOAR Team Building

The SOAR Program is EMPOWER’s Signature Team Building and Bonding adventure experience! The SOAR Program includes the perfect blend of aerial and ground based team building, leadership development, and team bonding – challenging participants to venture out of their comfort zones while supporting teammates! The Zip Line Canopy Tour, led by experienced guides, focuses on leadership of self, group support and bonding; while the professionally-facilitated, and highly-customizable, Ground Based Team Building Initiatives will help participants get a G.R.I.P. on teamwork while helping to open lines of communication, increasing levels of trust, and fostering more collaborative team processes! EMPOWER’s SOAR Team Building Program – surely to add adventurous excitement to your next team meeting!

  • Takes place at EMPOWER
  • 5 hours in duration
  • $74 to $84 per person

More EMPOWER Team Building Programs

Complete the online request pricing form to learn more about other EMPOWER Team Building Offerings, including:

CHALLENGE Team Building Outing (2 to 3 hours in duration): Includes a series of competitive team building challenges leading to a fun, exciting, and memorable team outing. Participants will be split into smaller teams and each team will rotate through different team challenge stations – earning points and aiming to be crowned the EMPOWER Challenge Champion! $40 to $60 per person

DISCOVER Team Building Outing (3 hours in duration): Combing EMPOWER’s Team Building Scavenger Hunt and Leadership Obstacle Course into a team challenge event like no other! Participants will be split into smaller teams and each team will be split into two working groups (Scavenger Hunt and Obstacle Course). Working groups earn points for their team during their respective activity – aiming to be crowned the winning team! $60 to $70 per person

INTERN Leadership Development Program (3 to 5 hours in duration): Highly-customizable program designed to prepare your group of interns for their time with your company. Relationship development plus leadership and team building skill development – all through experiential adventure activities! $30 to $50 per person

EMPOWERMENT Interactive Workshops (1.5 to 2 hours in duration): Add some empowering excitement to your next company meeting with an Empowerment Workshop. Includes a mix of experiential activities, empowerment presentations, and leadership “round-table” discussions. $500 to $1,000 per workshop

Inspiration through Adventure

Benefits of Team Building

Is it time to interrupt the normal routine at work? Are you ready for a wake-up call? When we embrace new adventures, we are interrupting our everyday flow – for the better! In a 2011 New Yorker profile (B. Bilger), neuroscientist David Eagleman explains how our bias for the familiar affects how fast we think time flies; “This explains why we think that time speeds up when we grow older, why childhood summer seem to go on forever, while old age slips by while we’re dozing. The more familiar the world becomes, the less information your brain writes down.” EMPOWER Leadership has a track record for team building and leadership development. Since 2009, our facilitators have helped thousands of people across hundreds of different companies celebrate current successes while planning for future success. Our programs are designed to help each participant (1) increase confidence in themselves and their team, (2) build and improve trust relationships, and (3) improve rapport and increase motivation to work collaboratively. By blending fun and exciting adventures with customized team building and leadership models, EMPOWER can help your team members form closer bonds, communicate more effectively, and perform at more efficient and confident levels.

Empowering Solutions

Overcome Workplace Conflict with Empowering Solutions

85% of all employees have to deal with some sort of workplace conflict – resulting in more than 100 unproductive employee work hours per year! Overcome the common causes of workplace conflict; poor communication, personality differences, different values, and unhealthy competition with an EMPOWER Team Building Program! EMPOWER’s Professionally Facilitated Adventure Initiatives lead to more cohesive teams, a greater sense of goal and role clarity, more collaborative team processes, and more effective and productive communication.


EMPOWER Team Building Programs have “gone mobile” – no featuring the ability to transform your conference or meeting spaces into engaging adventure training courses.

Request Program Pricing, or contact Dan Jaskot (860-638-4754,, for details.

Amenities include catering options, uninhibited access to large pavilion with picnic tables for meals, outdoor meeting space, or group social, and ample free parking!

EMPOWER Team Building Groups

Connecticut Conventions & Sports Bureau

Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network




United States Probation Offices

CT Army National Guard


Navy Federal Credit Union

Middlesex Hospital

Conning & Company

Select Physical Therapy

DaVita Hospital Services

CT Apartment Association

Mutual Bank of Omaha

UConn School of Business – Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities

The Inn at Middletown

The Hartford

LEGO Systems, Inc.

Windsor Communities

CT Sports Management Group

Maggie McFly’s

United Technologies

Yale Entrepreneurial Institute

Columbia School of Business

Powder Ridge Veterinary Association

General Electric

Axalta Coating

Disaster Restoration Services

VCA Foxon Animal Hospital