10 Years of Adventure

MIDDLETOWN, CT (APRIL 16, 2018) – Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center, Southern New England’s only treetop zip line canopy tour, is proud to announce they are celebrating 10 seasons of zip lining fun and empowerment in Middletown, Connecticut.

An Anniversary Celebration is planned for 3:30pm on Wednesday, April 25th at the Adventure center. Open to the public, the celebration begins with an opening ceremony to commemorate this milestone with Empower Executives, civic partners and local media.  Immediately following, attendees will have an opportunity to experience a zip line canopy tour, try a sampling of ground based team building activities, and enjoy a post experience social.


Empower Leadership Sports and Adventure Center, a 30-acre outdoor adventure park, was founded by U.S. Army Veteran Joe DeRing on principles from his extensive military  experience and leadership training. The center uses adventure and zip lining to form life changing experiences that serve as a catalyst to “empower” individuals, families, groups and teams to find courage, enjoy their time together and accomplish more than they thought possible.


“We grew up here.  This is our backyard and the place we call home.  Maureen, Dan, and I are extremely pleased to be able to celebrate 10 years of Empower here in Middletown. The city and the community have been incredibly supportive and encouraging since the beginning.  We are proud of the the work we have done here and all over the state since 2009 and it has been a privilege to facilitate our recreational, leadership, and empowerment adventures to nearly 100,000 adventure park guests,” stated DeRing.


Empower is meant for fun and utilizes both aerial adventures and ground-based challenges for those looking for a unique outdoor experience.  But there is more to Empower. Their leadership programming and curriculum are centered around developing leaders, revealing and building character, and providing team building programming that is meaningful and valuable for both youths and adults.

Ribbon cutting

DeRing elaborated “This is a one-of-a-kind adventure recreation facility.  We built a business from the ground up centered on the premise that adventure is a human need and that we all crave the challenge and stimulation of adventure.  By using zip lining, tree climbing, rappelling and other high adventure challenges, Empower helps young and old, weekend warriors, corporate executives, and anyone else discover their courage within.”


Empower’s motto is that it only takes “two seconds of courage” to change your life. That may mean overcoming your fear of heights with a decision to zip on, or a decision to leap off the top rung of their tree climbing experience.  And, while this is great fun and an exhilarating adventure, the Empower difference is that they encourage all of their guests to use the experience long after leaving by incorporating that “two seconds of courage” into their mindset to help overcome challenge, adversity, and fear in their lives.

Dan Jaskot, General Manager of Empower Leadership Sports, stated “it has been an incredible honor to encourage guests from 5 to 95 years old to step outside of their comfort zones.  The transformation is unmistakable and watching them grow through their accomplishments is a part of the job that never gets old.”


To commemorate their milestone season, please join their celebration on April 25 at 3:30pm at Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center, 2011 S Main Street in Middletown.  To learn more about how Empower is celebrating 10 years, information on their adventures and reservations, please visit LeadershipSports.com or call 860.638.4754.



Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center is a 30 acre outdoor adventure center that uses life changing experiences as the catalyst to empower people and teams to maximize their potential.  Recreational and Team Building adventures include Southern New England’s only only treetop zip line canopy tour, team building obstacle course and high ropes team building challenges.