How to Prepare for Zip Lining at Night

How Do You Prepare for Moonlight Zip Lining?

If you’re planning on embarking on some moonlight zip lining, there are a few things you should do to prepare beforehand. This is especially true if it’s your first time, but even experienced zip lining enthusiasts should always plan ahead and prepare. Your safety is important to us at Empower Adventure Park, and there are some things you can do to help us guarantee it. Learn more about preparing for your moonlight zip line adventure in this latest Empower blog.

Pay Close Attention to Safety

It doesn’t matter if you’re zip lining at night, during the day, at Empower Adventure Park, or anywhere else, safety is always the most important part of your experience. Safety is even more vital when you’re zip lining at night. Visibility is lower, even with the light of a full moon, meaning that there is increased risk of injury or collision with something (or someone) if you’re not being careful. Even if you’re a veteran of riding zip lines, or even if you work on a zip line yourself, don’t ever take your own safety, or the safety of others, for granted.

Listen to Your Instructor

A big part of your safety when you zip line, especially at night, is listening to your instructor or tour guide. Even if you’re a pro, assuming you can safely take care of yourself is asking for trouble. Observe and listen carefully, and follow all of the specific, professional instructions that you’re given.

Are You Scared of Heights?

It’s difficult to predict how an inexperienced zip line rider will react when they’re finally at the top of the trees. It can be even more difficult to predict if they’re up there at night. If you feel nervous or significantly afraid, it’s important that you’re honest about it. Some people with a purported fear of heights have claimed that zip lining in the dark has actually helped them feel less intimidated, while others have had higher anxiety. Everyone is different, and you should discuss any concerns before you start.

Be Mindful of Yourself and Your Surroundings

There’s a reason that we don’t allow anyone to ride a zip line when they’re intoxicated in any way. Riding a zip line means being aware of what’s going on around you, and this is especially at true when it’s being done in the dark. Pay close attention to what’s going on and who you’re with to avoid anyone getting hurt.

Join Us for Moonlight Zip Lining

Moonlight zip lining is a truly unique experience and we encourage anyone looking for something new to join us on one of our nighttime zip line adventures. If you’d rather experience the beautiful Connecticut scenery of Empower Adventure Park during a daytime excursion, we can cater for that, too! Empower Adventure Park is the best place you’ll find in Connecticut for new thrills that can help you build confidence. Contact Empower Adventure Park today.