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Adventure can be defined as unusual and exciting exploration into unknown territory. Adventuring invokes many emotions; including fear, adrenaline, uncertainty, and excitement. Participating in a positive adventure (high reward, low risk) can transform an individual’s fear and uncertainty into higher levels of self-confidence, great feelings of achievement, and the willingness to take on, and overcome, “real-world” challenges. Adventuring in groups leads to a memorable experience for all; unifying individual team members while fostering feelings of support, collaboration, and achievement of common goals.

Empower’s group adventure curriculum is designed around the training principles of the United States Army and traditional adventure/experiential education – creating a unique combination of memorable experiences combined with valuable leadership and team building lessons applicable in professional, educational, and athletic settings.

Empower has a proven track record for leveraging “High Reward, Low Risk” adventure programming to develop stronger leaders and teams. Since 2009, our leadership development team has facilitated adventures for thousands of people across hundreds of different corporations, public and private schools, colleges and universities, athletic teams, and municipalities. Grow into your best self by taking on a new adventure with Empower!

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