Sports Leadership and Team Development with EMPOWER

Empowering athletes and teams through highly-customized shared adventure experiences led by professionally trained and experienced Sports Leadership facilitators. The facilitation of our Sports Leadership Training lead to an empowering environment in which athletes and teams can safely venture out of their comfort zones and discover the best version of themselves! EMPOWER Sports Leadership Programs focus on the development of skills essential for success on and off the field. Program Core Values include:


  • Self-coaching and self-accountability
  • Collaborate, motivate, and inspire teammates


  • Goal Clarity, Role Clarity, Interactions defined, and Processes Defined


  • Embracing positive risk challenges as opportunities to develop into a stronger and more confident athlete and team

EMERGE Sports Leadership Training

The EMERGE Program – Championship Teams are made up of athletes with unwavering self-confidence, exceptional communication skills, trust and belief in teammates, and the unrelenting drive to achieve. Using a mix of psychological exercises and experiential training, EMPOWER President Dan Jaskot will have your athletes getting out of their comfort zones and pushing their limits. The EMERGE Program will forge strong bonds and trusting connections among teammates – creating a CHAMPIONSHIP CHEMISTRY! Includes Collaborative Ground Based Team Building Initiatives and Competitive Team “Application Challenges”.

  • Takes place at EMPOWER or your gym/field space
  • 3 hours in duration
  • $25 to $35 per athlete

SOAR Sports Leadership Training

The SOAR Program –  EMPOWER’s Signature Sports Leadership event. The SOAR Program includes the perfect blend of aerial and ground-based leadership and team building challenges – challenging athletes to overcome fear, adversity, and challenge by functioning as a unified team. Led by EMPOWER President Dan Jaskot, athletes will learn to LEAD THEMSELVES, LEAD OTHERS, AND INSPIRE TEAMMATES through exciting and memorable adventure challenges! Includes Zip Line Canopy Tour Adventure, Collaborative Ground Based Team Building Initiatives and Competitive Team “Application Challenges”

  • Takes place at EMPOWER
  • 5 hours in duration
  • $69 to $79 per athlete

More Sports Leadership Programs

Complete the online request pricing form to learn more about other EMPOWER Sports Leadership Offerings, including:

  • ASCEND Program: The ASCEND Program (4 hours) includes EMPOWER’s Tree Climbing Adventure Challenges, Collaborative Ground-Based Team Building Initiatives, and Competitive Team Building “Application Challenges”. $45 to $54 per athlete
  • The RANGER Program: Rangers Lead the Way is a 24-hour leadership intensive including a series of aerial and ground-based adventure challenges set up in a competitive, “platoon-style” environment. The Rangers Program is designed to trim away at athletes’ defense mechanisms and excuses, and build them up with self-esteem, confidence, and the belief that, as a unified team, they are unstoppable. Includes meals, drinking water supply, and a rustic overnight stay on EMPOWER’s campus. $149 per athlete
  • CHAMPIONS Program: The CHAMPIONS Program (7 hours) includes Collaborative Ground Based Team Building Initiatives, Aerial and Ground-Based Competitive “Application Challenges” (Blind Oak Tree Climb, Single Line Bridge, The Meuse, and/or Leadership Obstacle Course), and the Zip Line Canopy Tour. $89 to $99 per athlete

Inspiration through Adventure

Benefits of Sports Leadership & Team Development Training

Coaches everywhere are looking for the “magic bullet” – a way to get their athletes’ best when it matters most. Sports Scientists all over the world have dedicated millions of dollars to research this exact topic. But the answer is simple – there is no “magic bullet”, special drink or supplement. The way coaches get the most out of their players when it matters most is by training those athletes in the proper way – by training their minds. Former Army Ranger, and EMPOWER Founder, Joe DeRing states, “Our ability as humans to coach ourselves through challenge, adversity, and fear is the single most important skill we can learn; it is this skill that will keep your head in the game when it is needed most; it is this skill that will prevent your body from relenting when you are most tired; it is also this skill that will help you make the right choices over wrong throughout your life”. The lessons learned when involved in competitive sports are endless – camaraderie, committed preparation for success, overcoming adversity, dedication to the successes of the team vs. the individual – all skills common in successful athletes and teams, as well as people who are successful in life. Insert accountability, character, and leadership into your sports program with the EMPOWER Sports Leadership Team. Derived from Joe’s “real-world” leadership training as an Army Captain, Sports Leadership with EMPOWER focuses on training athletes and teams to (1) self-coach through internal and external challenges and stress, (2) develop systems of individual and team accountability, (3) motivate teammates to achieve extraordinary results, and (4) develop a no-nonsense attitude towards preparation and competition.

Empowering Solutions

EMPOWER’s Sports Leadership & Team Development Programs will trim away at athletes’ defense mechanisms and excuses, building them up with self-esteem, confidence, and the belief that, as a unified team, they are unstoppable. The EMPOWER Sports Leadership Team will leverage “positive risk” adventure challenges; challenge athletes to push through fear and other distractions – helping them unlock their true potential!

Request Program Pricing, or contact Dan Jaskot (860-638-4754,, for details.

Amenities include catering options, uninhibited access to large pavilion with picnic tables for meals, outdoor meeting space, or group social, and ample free parking!

Sports Leadership with EMPOWER

Sports Leadership Client List

UConn Men’s Ice Hockey UMASS Women’s Lacrosse Amherst College – LEADS Captains Symposium Smith College Captains Leadership Symposium Yale University Football Yale University Softball University of Hartford Women’s Basketball Wesleyan University Men’s Soccer Wesleyan University Men’s Basketball Wesleyan University Crew Smith College Women’s Basketball Connecticut College Women’s Volleyball Wesleyan University Men’s Soccer University of New Haven Women’s Volleyball Mid-Fairfield Stars – U13 Girl’s Ice Hockey Madison Little League All-Stars Arete Swim Camp Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy Guilford Racquet and Swim Club Glastonbury Youth Soccer CT Northern Lights U-16 Girl’s Hockey Jackson Liberty and Memorial High Schools Track & Field (NJ) Hale-Ray High School Men’s Soccer Perkiomenville Valley High School Men’s Lacrosse (PA) Haddam-Killingworth High School Field Hockey

Glastonbury High School Student-Athlete Leadership Symposium

Mercy High School Basketball

Hamden Hall Country Day School Women’s Basketball

Xavier High School Wrestling

Raritan High School Football (NJ)

Daniel Hand High School Men’s Lacrosse

Avon High School Baseball

Hamden High School Baseball

Daniel Hand High School Baseball

Notre-Dame Fairfield High School Men’s Ice Hockey

Mercy High School Soccer

Conard High School Football

Stratford High School Football

Xavier High School Baseball

Old Saybrook High School Women’s Soccer

Wethersfield High School Ice Hockey

Glastonbury High School Men’s Lacrosse

Choate Rosemary Hall Swimming

Ridgefield Hight School Softball

Middletown High School Baseball

Sheehan High School Football

Wolcott High School Football

Mercy High School Volleyball

Rye High School Men’s Lacrosse (NY)