What Makes a Moonlight Tree Top Adventure Unique?

What’s So Special About a Moonlight Tree Top Adventure?

A tree top adventure on a zip line through the forests of Connecticut is certainly memorable. But a tree top adventure at night, by the light of the moon, is really something special. Empower Adventure Park offers moonlight zip lining to visitors looking for a truly unique experience that they’ll never forget. What is it that makes moonlight and night-time zip lining so memorable? We can tell you! Find out why you shouldn’t miss out on zip lining by moonlight in today’s blog from the Empower Adventure Park team.

It’s Cooler in the Summer

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a night time tree top adventure is what it offers in the summer. Summer can quickly get hot and muggy, and zip lining is a pretty physical activity. Up in the treetops, things are only going to get hotter. In the evening, and especially at night, things tend to be a lot cooler. This can offer some real relief to anyone who would rather avoid the threat of overheating as they ride through the canopy.

It Can Add Some Extra Excitement

Relief from the heat and humidity of the summer is one thing, but most of those booking a tree top adventure are looking for something else: excitement! Zip lining through tree tops and forest canopies is one of the most exciting things you can do at adventure parks that offer it, and it can be even more exciting in the dark. The beautiful moonlight provides enough illumination to still see, but you’re surrounded with deep shadows cast by the trees around you. The excitement of low-lit, high-flying fun with your other senses heightened and energized adds to the thrill of a zip line experience — especially if you’ve never tried it at night before.

Strange as it might seem, there are some who have ridden zip lines at night who claim that it actually reduced their fear of heights, without taking away the excitement. Perhaps it’s not being able to see just how high up they are, or perhaps it’s the relaxing grey-blue light of the moon. Whatever the reason might be, the adrenaline rush seems to be enhanced for everyone when zip lining by moonlight.

You Still Won’t Find the Experience at Many Adventure Parks

Even now, few adventure parks and zip line providers offer nighttime zip lining. While there are certainly those that do, it’s still a fairly underserved market. This means that taking the opportunity for zip lining in the moonlight is still pretty unique, and not something many people are going to experience.

Contact Us About Your Next Tree Top Adventure

If you’re ready to book your tree top adventure, then contact Empower Adventure Park today. Whether it’s by moonlight, or during the day, you’re guaranteed to have an exciting and fun-filled experience at Connecticut’s premier adventure park. We’re dedicated to helping you to have a great time and walk away from your experience feeling truly empowered.