Youth Development with EMPOWER

Empowering youths to through adventure experiences that are engaging, positive, customized, and led by professionally trained and experienced leaders! Powerful adventure experiences that will provide youths the tools that lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved leadership and problem solving skills, a greater ability to recognize positive vs. negative risk, and the grit and perseverance to overcome positive risks, avoid negative risks, and achieve goals!

2019 Empowerment Initiative

Youths across the State are facing academic and social stressors that seem almost unimaginable. The importance of “positive play” and community-building experiences for youths has never been higher!

At EMPOWER, we recognize the importance of positive, engaging, and community-building experiences for children and teens – and are excited to announce an all-new 2019 Empowerment Initiative designed to support classroom management initiatives and after-school programming, and the students that they serve.

Our 2019 Empowerment Initiative is designed to take place at your school (during or after school hours), and focuses on helping students Believe in themselves, Discover their potential, and Achieve their personal awesomeness!

Led by Empower President, Dan Jaskot, the Youth Leadership and Empowerment Workshops will teach students to (1) set goals and a path to goal achievement, (2) become more aware of their emotions and how emotions impact themselves and others, (3) embrace challenges as opportunities to demonstrate courage and perseverance, and (4) resolve conflict and problem solve with others. Program sessions are 45 to 90 minutes in duration and start at $250.00 per session for up to 30 participants!

Inspiring Young Leaders

SOAR Leadership Program

EMPOWER’s signature leadership development experience! The SOAR Program includes the perfect blend of aerial adventure “responsible and positive risk taking”, individual confidence boosting opportunities, plus group problem solving and team building initiatives.The SOAR Program is approximately 4 to 5 hours in duration and includes:

    • Connecticut’s only fully-guided Zip Line Canopy Tour experience
    • Ground Based Problem Solving and Team Building Initiatives facilitated by experienced EMPOWER Team Building Specialists
    • All personal safety equipment and “ground school” course orientation
    • Over a 2,000 feet of tree-top zip lining adventure excitement
    • Customized Ground Based Team Building Initiatives and Challenges; in alignment with group dynamics and desired objectives
    • Dedicated guides and facilitators; ensuring safe participation, positive group support, and on-course leadership coaching!
    • Debriefing session(s) during and after your program to connect the adventure experiences to their “real-world” application.
    • Digital photos from your entire experience

More Youth Development Offerings

Complete the online request pricing form to learn more about other EMPOWER Team Building Offerings, including:

  • ENGAGE Leadership: Customized Team Building, Relationship Development, and Problem Solving Ground Based Program (2 to 4 hours in duration)
  • EMPOWER Mobile: We bring the team building event to your school!
  • ASCEND Leadership: Tree Climbing High Ropes Leadership Challenges PLUS Team Building Scavenger Hunt Adventure (4 hours in duration)
  • DISCOVER Leadership: Customized Team Building & Problem Solving Initiatives PLUS Team Building Scavenger Hunt Adventure (3.5 to 4 hours in duration)
  • ACHIEVE Leadership: Full day, highly-customized, team building experience
  • Other offerings include Student Council and Student Leadership Group Programs, Interactive In-School Leadership Presentations, After-School Leadership Development Programs, Bullying Awareness & Prevention Workshops, Back to School Success Programs, End of Year Transition Programs, and more!

Benefits of Youth Development

“60% of US companies are facing leadership talent shortages that are impeding their performance. Another 31% expect a lack of leadership talent to impede their performance in the next several years,” says leadership experts Sue Ashford and Steve DeRue. Furthermore, they assert, “We need to stop teaching leadership theory and start teaching people how to learn leadership from real experiences.”

The benefits of teaching leadership to our youths are immeasurable! From confidence building to self-coaching and perseverance, to leading others; by teaching youths to lead themselves and others, we are giving them (1) the self-confidence to stand up and express their opinions, (2) the ability to recognize right from wrong, (3) the courage to help those who can’t help themselves, and (4) the tools to fulfill their own potential!

EMPOWER Youth Development programs include fun, exciting, and engaging adventure experiences designed to introduce and teach positive leadership lessons to our youths. Our professionally-trained guides will facilitate each adventure; providing the tools that lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved leadership and team skills, a greater ability to recognize positive vs. negative risk, and the grit and perseverance to overcome positive risks, avoid negative risks, and achieve goals!

Off-Site Empowerment

Developing Young Leaders through Positive and Engaging Adventure Initiatives

Bring Empowering Adventures to your school in 2019 and help your students discover their leadership greatness. EMPOWER Youth Leadership and Character Development programs have “gone mobile” – transforming your gym or cafeteria into an amazing adventure learning environment!

EMPOWER Mobile Leadership Programs are customized to suit the needs of your students and school – ranging in duration from 45 minutes to 5 hours, and accommodating group sizes of 10 to 120 students!

Request Program Pricing, or contact Dan Jaskot (860-638-4754,, for details.

Amenities include catering options, uninhibited access to large pavilion with picnic tables for meals, outdoor group meeting space, or group social, and ample free parking!

Empowering School Community Adventures

Positive and trusting relationships, productive and honest communication, collaborative problem-solving, empathy and appreciation for individual differences, and more confident, persevering leaders. Empowering your students and building a more positive school community through shared adventure!

Community and Leadership Building Field Days: A ground-based program, taking place at your school or at EMPOWER, comprised of relationship development activities, large group and small group problem solving initiatives, and an exciting culminating team building challenge activity. This program is approximately 3 to 4 hours in duration and can accommodate up to 150 participants per session, and up to 300 participants in a school day!

Contact Dan Jaskot at (860) 638-4754, or via email, to build a more positive school community through empowering adventures!

Leaders and Problem-Solvers Field Trips: Approximately 4.5 hours in duration and taking place at EMPOWER, this program includes the Leadership Zip Line Canopy Tour, group problem solving initiatives, and a school year goal setting takeaway activity. This program accommodates up to 75 participants per trip.

Contact Dan Jaskot at (860) 638-4754, or via email, to build a more positive school community through empowering adventures!

Youth Development with EMPOWER

Youth Development Client List

Hamden Hall Country Day School

Xavier High School

Stratford Public Schools

Gideon Welles Middle School

Woodrow Wilson Middle School

Keigwin Middle School

Middletown Hiigh School

Smith Middle School

Glastonbury High School

The Grove School

REACH Newtown

Northwest Catholic High School

Ridge Hill Middle School

Pulaski Middle School

Minnechaug Regional High School (MA)

Helen Street School

Cromwell Middle School

Sage Park Middle School

Rocky Hill High School

Essex Elementary School

Sullivan Middle School (MA)

Jonathan Law High School

Wexler Grant Community School

Solar Youth, Inc.

Suffield Academy

Preston Plains Middle School

Sacred Heart School (NY)

North Middle School (MA)

Wilcoxson Elementary School

DeBerry Elementary School (MA)

Amistad Academy

Christ Lutheran Early Childhood Center

Lego Creative Childcare Center

Haddam-Killingworth Middle School

Old Lyme Middle School

Independent Day School

Norton Elementary School

Springfield Renaissance School (MA)

Valley Presbyterian Church

Sacred Heart School

Slade Middle School

Amity Middle School

Rochambeau Middle School

Flood Middle School

Dag Hammarskjold Middle School

North Madison Congregational Church

Vinal Technical High School

Naugatuck Valley Community College – GEAR UP

Southern Connecticut State University – GEAR UP

CT River Academy at Goodwin College

North Haven Middle School

Mauro-Sheridan School

Mooreland Hill School

Woodbury Middle School

The Navigator Project

West Hartford REACH Program

New Hartford Schools

South Elementary School

Kensington Congregational Church

Renbrook School