Leadership Development, Community Building Events, Youth Prevention Programs, and Youth Diversion Programs

Youth Services Bureaus and School Districts share the critical responsibility of educating youths and promoting the well-being of children, youths, and their families – with the goal of all children and youths becoming resilient, empowered, productive, and engaged citizens in their communities. Since the 1940’s, Adventure Education has served as an effective tool to help teach leadership, problem solving, and social skills to individuals; contributing to the development of future leaders! Adventure Education is designed to provide participants with “High Reward, Low Risk” learning and exploration opportunities; allowing for a safe environment focused on positive change. EMPOWER’s engaging and uplifting adventure programs are designed to help individuals learn:

  • To coach oneself through challenge, adversity, and fear
  • The difference between a positive and negative risk/challenge
  • The courage to accept positive risks/challenges as growth opportunities
  • Perseverance, grit, and commitment to a cause
  • To develop trusting relationships and a positive network of resources
  • Sound decision making processes and collaborative problem solving skills
  • To confidently communicate thoughts and ideas while appropriately expressing feelings and emotions

Our professionally-trained leaders will facilitate each adventure; providing the tools that lead to increased self-confidence and self-esteem, improved leadership and team skills, a greater ability to persevere through challenge and achieve!

Request Program Pricing, or contact Dan Jaskot (860-638-4754, dan@leadershipsports.com), for details.


EMERGE Leadership Program

Emerge together, better than ever! The EMERGE Leadership Program brings students together through highly-customized adventure initiatives. Using a mix of unique experiential activities focusing on leadership, empowerment, and teamwork, EMPOWER President Dan Jaskot and the EMPOWER Leadership Facilitators will have your students getting out of their comfort zones and thinking differently about how they lead themselves and others. The EMERGE Team Building Program will foster the development of positive and trusting relationships between students and between students and teachers – all while highlighting the leadership skills necessary for success in school and beyond! Includes Collaborative Team Building Initiatives

  • Takes place at EMPOWER or your school
  • 3 to 5 hours in duration
  • $30 to $50 per person

SOAR Leadership Program

The SOAR Program is EMPOWER’s Signature Leadership adventure experience! The SOAR Program includes the perfect blend of aerial and ground based team building, leadership development, and group bonding – challenging participants to venture out of their comfort zones while supporting classmates! The Zip Line Canopy Tour, led by experienced guides, focuses on leadership of self, group support and bonding; while the professionally-facilitated, and highly-customizable, Ground Based Team Building Initiatives will help participants get a G.R.I.P. on teamwork and leadership, highlight the importance of grit/perseverance, cooperation, empathy – all while helping students set goals and a path to goal achievement!

  • Takes place at EMPOWER
  • 5 hours in duration
  • $50 to $74 per person

DISCOVER Leadership Program

The DISCOVER Program is includes a blend of professionally-facilitated ground based team building initiatives plus either our Team Building Scavenger Hunt initiative (ground-based) or our Team Building Tree Climbing Adventures (aerial). Your EMPOWER facilitators will introduce concepts of Leadership, Teamwork, and Empowerment through collaborative experiential adventure initiatives then students will apply those lessons to one of two “application activities” – The Team Building Scavenger Hunt (mildly competitive land navigation team building course) or The Team Building Tree Climbing Adventures (leadership of self climbing challenges).

  • Takes place at EMPOWER
  • 3 to 5 hours in duration
  • $40 to $60 per person

More EMPOWER Leadership Programs

Complete the online request pricing form to learn more about other EMPOWER Leadership Offerings, including:

Successful School Transition Program: One-day or multi-day experiential adventure program designed to help best prepare students for school-to-school transitions. Students will learn foundation skills related to Leadership, Teamwork, and Empowerment and how to apply those skills to the classroom and beyond!

Finding Your Way Experiential Program: Multi-day experiential skill building adventure program focused on Decision Making and Responsible Risk Taking, Building Trusting Bonds and Support Systems, Expressing Feelings and Emotions, Grit/Perseverance, and Goal Setting/Goal Achievement.

Family and Community Olympics (1.5 to 2 hours in duration): Family fun through community building adventure play! Turn your gym, cafeteria, or field space into an exciting “Olympics-style” event. Family and friend groups rotate through a series of team building initiatives focused on communication, teamwork, and most importantly, shared fun away from the screens! $500 to $2,000 per program

After School Leadership Enrichment (1.5 to 2 hours in duration): Integrate empowering leadership lessons into your after-school program! Participants will learn the foundational skills of Leadership, Teamwork, and Empowerment through engaging and experiential adventure activities. Takes place right in your school gymnasium or cafeteria. $250 per session for up to 30 participants

EMPOWERMENT Interactive Workshops (45 minutes to 2 hours in duration): Add some empowering excitement to your next student leadership meeting (youth cabinet, student leadership organizations, etc.) with an Empowerment Workshop. Includes a mix of experiential activities, empowerment presentations, and leadership “round-table” discussions. $500 to $1,000 per workshop

Winter Empowerment Initiative

Youths across the State are facing academic and social stressors that seem almost unimaginable. The importance of “positive play” and community-building experiences for youths has never been higher! At EMPOWER, we recognize the importance of positive, engaging, and community-building experiences for children and teens – and are excited to announce a Winter Empowerment Initiative designed to support Youth Services Bureaus, and the youths/teens that they serve. Our Winter Empowerment Initiative is designed to take place at your facility (weekdays or weekends), and focuses on helping students Believe in themselves, Discover their potential, and Achieve their personal awesomeness! Led by Empower President, Dan Jaskot, the Youth Leadership and Empowerment Workshops will teach youths/teens to (1) set goals and a path to goal achievement, (2) become more aware of their emotions and how emotions impact themselves and others, (3) embrace challenges as opportunities to demonstrate courage and perseverance, and (4) resolve conflict and problem solve with others. Program sessions are 45 to 90 minutes in duration and start at $250.00 per session for up to 30 participants!

Youth Services and Community Development with EMPOWER

Client List of Youth Services Bureaus

Middletown Youth Services Bureau

Clinton Partners in Community

Community Foundation of Middlesex County – Rally for Bully Free Communities

Crossroads East Hartford

Middletown Public Schools – 21st Century Enrichment

Worcester Public Schools – 21st Century Enrichment

Naugatuck Youth & Family Services

Cheshire Youth Services Bureau

Colchester Youth & Family Services

Stratford Youth & Family Services

Youth & Family Services of Haddam-Killingworth

REACH Newtown

Naugatuck Valley Community College – GEAR UP

Southern Connecticut State University – GEAR UP

Wesleyan University – UPWARD Bound

Old Saybrook Youth & Family Services

Springfield College – 21st Century Program

Xavier High School – Senior Facilitator Training

Gideon Welles School – Student Council Community Building and Bullying Awareness Training

Woodrow Wilson Middle School – XMEN

Woodrow Wilson Middle School – Wonder Women

Keigwin Middle School – XMEN

Darien Depot – Cops & Kids Program

CT Junior Republic

Norwich Youth Services

Tri-Town Youth Services

YWCA New Britain

REACH West Hartford

Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, Inc.

Turning Point Treatment Center

Middletown Adult Education

Solar Youth, Inc.

ConnCAP – Naugatuck Valley Community College

Newtown Youth & Family Services

Eli Whitney Museum – Cosmic Cultures Program

Christ Lutheran Early Childhood Center

Rockville – FFA

AsOne Marraige Group

South Windsor Senior Center

Town of East Granby Youth Services Bureau

Valley Presbyterian Church

Vinal Technical High School – National Honors Society